Be a Kosher Consumer

Be a Kosher Consumer

The "seal of approval" that indicates a mashgiach has observed and approved the product's preparation is called a hechsher. Several symbols are used to indicate such approval. The most common are K inside a circle, which stands for "kosher," and a U inside a circle, the certification symbol of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

Other Jewish-oriented symbols include a P inside a circle, which denotes a food fit for Passover (when fermented foods are not permitted), the letter "M" to indicate a meat product, the letter "D" to indicate a dairy product, and the word "pareve" or "parev," which indicate a pareve or neutral food. Any product can carry a "K" on its label. This indicates that the manufacturer is certifying that the product is kosher. Many such products, however, are decidedly non-kosher, so kosher consumers should be aware of these symbols.

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In the past two decades, the demand for kosher food products in the United States and around the world has greatly impacted the food industry, Kosher India has been established to provide kosher certification to Indian industry. Today kosher India is a prominent name across the globe for kosher certification.

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